Q. What is Higher Ground?

A. The Higher Ground Group was born of a unique relationship among four long-term Atlanta faith leaders, Imam Plemon El-Amin, Rabbi Alvin Sugarman, the Rev. Joanna Adams and the Rev. Joseph Roberts. While they have different faiths, these faith leaders share a common desire for a better community. Recognizing this, The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta brought the group together to offer fresh perspectives on issues facing the metro area. Ultimately, Higher Ground will ignite a wider community conversation leading to action that creates positive change.

Q.  Why subscribe to Higher Ground?

A. If you are seeking inspiration, conversations about metro Atlanta events, or insights from different perspectives, the Higher Ground Group is an answer to your needs.  At least once a week, the group blogs on a topic impacting Atlantans and ask for feedback from subscribers.

Q. Can I comment on a post and ask the four faith leaders for their insights on another topic?

A. Absolutely.  Comment and ask for insights as often as you like.

Q. Is Higher Ground a religious-based organization?

A. We are faith based, but not faith biased.  Each member brings their unique upbringing, faith histories and experiences to a blog where insights and civil discussions are trusted.

Q. How can I get involved in Higher Ground’s initiatives? 

A. Subscribe.  Spread the word about our blog.  Share our blog posts with your contacts and friends on Facebook or Twitter.

Q. How often can I comment with my opinions?

A. As often as you have them. One of the goals of the Higher Ground blog is to have an open, honest conversation.

Q. Can I share the blog post with friends via other social media channels?

A. Yes.  The social sharing buttons are at the end of every blog post.  Just push the button and share via your social media channel of choice.

Q. Can Higher Ground speak at your event?

A. Yes.  The Higher Ground Group is available to speak for events.  Please email Elyse Hammett (elyse.hammett@phase3mc.com) or Brittany Gibson (brittany.gibson@phase3mc.com), or give them a buzz at 404.949.3777.

Q. Is positive change hard to achieve?

A. Yes. But it’s the best alternative. Doing good brings courage, meaning and purpose to life.

Q. How can I contact the four faith leaders?

A. The four faith leaders each have email, voicemail, and social media platforms.  To connect with them, reach out to Elyse Hammett, their PR counsel, via elyse.hammett@phase3mc.com or 404.949.3777.